Superstar turns heel at WWE Fastlane!

usos v miz

WWE superstar turns heel at Fastlane!

WWE Fastlane kicks off with the Smackdown Tag Team Titles with The Usos defending thier titles vs Shane & The Miz. This was a fast paced match from the bell. At times it did seem like Shane & The Miz were going to become 2x tag team champions. The highlight of the match came when Shane and a Uso were on a top rope stand off. After The Miz went for a high risk move off the top rope which led to the Usos picking up the pin & retaining their titles.

After the match The Miz went over and gave his father a hug as you could clearly see that he was very emotional. As he began to make his way back to the locker room Shane attacked from behind. The Miz was choked out right in front of his father and if that wasn't enough, Shane grabbed The Miz's father by the face and push him back into his chair.

What would you rate the match and Shane's heel turn?

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